you know you’ve been here for a long time if you remember this phase of our fandom


Louis fell in front of paparazzi and the rest of the boys fell too, so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. 


get to know me meme [3/5] celeb crushes: Shay Mitchell


This is a game changer.

Ashley Tisdale as Logan in ‘Young & Hungry’

FMK justin alex turner matt healy

fmk: the one and only justin omfg.  

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"Oh please. That Paolo thing was barely a relationship. All it really was was just, you know, meaningless animal sex. Okay, you know, that sounded so much better in my head.”


ANONYMOUS PLAY TIME! (or not, up to you)

Send me one of these and I’ll answer.

  • HYE have you ever?
  • FMK fuck marry kill (with three names)
  • KHC kiss hug cuddle (with three names)
  • AMA ask me anything
  • HON hot or not? 
  • WWY well would you?
  • WYR would you rather? 
  • TOD truth or dare?
  • SMW ship me with? (send me ships)
  • TOT this or that?
  • WIS who I ship? (with myself, or with others — specify)